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Ways to Secure Release from Jail

Not all arrested person will be given the chance to continue living a normal life while waiting for court dates especially those who have violated state law several times. But if the arrested person is not a flight risk and doesn’t have an undesirable criminal record, he can secure release from jail to avoid staying inside a detention cell for a long period of time.

The arrested person has the option to be released from jail without shedding any amount of money. All he needs to do is to submit a written promise to the court that he will be present in all court dates set by the judge. However, not all arrested persons can take advantage of this option depending on the decision of the judge.

If an arrested person has the potential to create fears in the community or those who are considered flight risk, the court will ask for an assurance from the defendant. The court will require the arrested person to post bail in exchange for temporary freedom. For a faster release, the arrested person could post cash bail or cash bond.

But for those who are in deep financial trouble or those who doesn’t want to pay the entire bail amount, they can deal with a Bail Bonds man San Jose Company. The Bail Bondsman San Jose company will write a written agreement between the company, the judge, and co-signer – an agreement that is legally known as surety bond. This is not a zero-cost release though, but it is more affordable than posting cash bail. The arrested person or one of his relatives will only need to pay 10% of the bail amount as payment for the service.

For a quicker and hassle-free release, make sure to deal with state-trusted companies and state-recognized bondsman. Companies and bondsmen who have been in the business for several years have significant edge over new companies. Because they have solidified their credibility, experienced bondsmen provide faster release and can write larger bonds for serious state crimes.